My name is Marek Broderick and I am running for Burlington’s City Council in Ward 8 with the nomination of the Progressive Party. As a candidate, I want to represent the interests of our community in local government.  

Besides pursuing my degree in Biological Sciences, I am an organizer with Champlain Valley Democratic Socialists of America and co-chair of UVM Young Democratic Socialists of America. As an organizer and activist, I have been active in the diverse struggles for a better world, including the labor movement, climate justice, Palestinian liberation, and more.

In high school, I saw the stranglehold of capitalism in my own workplace and how we, the masses, live in a system not run or built for us. But there are avenues for change. A better world is possible. I have shown solidarity with workers in Burlington and beyond, from joining the picket line with the staff of Goddard College and auto workers in Massachusetts to supporting our established and new local unions here in Burlington.

On campus, I educate my fellow students on the climate disaster, housing injustice, and the neglect of the working class, all problems we see here in both Ward 8 and Burlington at large. These are problems that I seek to tackle by putting the People and Planet Over Profit in Burlington.